TJ EL Students – Visit 2

For a second visit to ThorpeWood, Thomas Johnson High School’s English Learners department came for a day of outdoor activities at the farm. They started bright and early in the morning with some ice breaker activities around the farm pavilion before breaking up into two groups. These groups took turns engaging in the activities of the morning: hiking and using microscopes. 

We farm folk led the one-hour long hike zigzagging in the woods above the stream. The light snowfall was magical – a few of the students had never seen snow before! It was such fun to take everyone on the wintery trek – some kids chose to sprint ahead and race one another, while others simply strolled along, pausing here and there to take photos. The TJ teachers, meanwhile, led the second group as they explored around the pond and learned to use microscopes! 

After the two groups had gone through both experiences, they merged back at the pavilion to make tree cookie ornaments and eat lunch. After lunch, a soccer ball bounced from kid to kid (while our dogs chased it) and a fire was started in the teepee firering up by the chickens. The kids so enjoyed building it and soaking in the warmth. 

We can’t wait to see these kids again in a few months!