ThorpeWood Open House and Calendars!

Today is the second and final day of our Open House! We are so enjoying having small numbers of folks out to our lodge to enjoy our magnificent Christmas tree, roaring fire, cider, and ThorpeWood cookies. Despite being quite busy at the North Pole, Santa has made his way to our mountain to see all of our guests. Email Julie Castleman at [email protected] to sign up. 
We also have our 2021 ThorpeWood calendars that we are so excited to share! This year, we used photo submissions from Missy Zook Grimes, Wendy McLean, Tim Voigt, Kai Hagen, Joy Smith and me to make this extraordinary calendar. So many calendars have already shipped out from this official site to their new homes. Carrol County Public Schools took 20 for their disadvantaged girls enrolled in summer camp and each of the Head Start classrooms received one in their farm mail this week. Take a look at the stunning photos below: