The ThorpeWood Trails 5K/10K – It’s that time again!

stonebridgeWe may be quite biased, but we feel that this area of Maryland is particularly beautiful.  The surrounding mountains and lush greens, babbling brooks and tranquil ponds never cease to thrill us with their natural beauty.  The surroundings are one of the reasons our 5K/10K (coming up on September 6) is so unique in the Frederick-area.  Let’s face it – this region is one active region!  And there are many running and walking events to choose from on any given weekend.  We love that about living here!  But there is something special that sets our event apart from others.

It may be that we carefully have selected a course that allows the participant to experience what is most glorious about our grounds.  As you all know, we take our role as stewards of this land very seriously, and we look for ways to share our natural bounty with any and all who visit us – whether they are here for a private or corporate event, or are participating in our Equine Assisted Learning program as a school or preschool child.  We feel every life is enriched by spending time outdoors – and that is one reason our 5K/10K stands out from many others. Rather than a course that winds through city streets, our course meanders over our spectacular trail system, and that is simply not found everywhere.

It could be that our event, like many others offered in the Frederick area, benefits a tremendous cause.  The hearts and giving spirit of the people of this region are always humbling to us.  Each weekend, there are active events that benefit schools and other charitable organizations.  We love that combination of get up and go and giving!  Our event supports an effort near and dear to our hearts – helping to bring more kids from the Frederick County YMCA Head Start Program up to ThorpeWood to participate in our Equine Assisted Learning program or to take part in the other programs we offer – from camping, to fishing, to hiking.  Partnering with the Frederick County YMCA/Head Start has helped us to enable hundreds of children to spend time in nature, and we feel that is critical to the development of a happy child.  So, participating in our 5K/10K means that you are also involved in that effort, and that means so much to us.

Or it could be that while we time the 10K portion of our event for those who seek out a challenging course and are serious runners, we also joyfully welcome walkers to our event and make every effort to ensure that the walking experience is every bit as satisfying as the running experience.  We take this very seriously, and have had so many walkers throughout our previous 7 races tell us what a pleasant time they had participating in our event.  That means so much to us! Just as much as the runners who tell us as they cross the finish line that it was a great course and that it was a thrill to run.  Our 5K/10K truly has something for everyone.

We hope that we can count on seeing you at this year’s event on September 6!  Registration will be starting soon! Lace up those shoes!  We look forward to seeing you there!!