The ThorpeWood Keepsake Ornament

S&Julie TreeWell, we did it!  The ThorpeWood Christmas tree has been selected, cut, and has made it to the Lodge!    After a great morning spent at Snickers Gap Tree Farm, we brought the tree to the Lodge and began preparing to spend this week decorating in anticipation of our 14th Annual Open House – this Saturday, December 7th, from 3pm to 8pm.  Excitement is mounting as we ready the Lodge for the arrival of all our friends, and one very important friend in particular…yes – Santa will be coming to the Lodge!

Not only are we getting ready for our Open House, but tonight will be the 4th year that a local Frederick men’s group, Club 18, will have their holiday dinner and social. Although they are not expecting the tree to be up and decorated….they will be pleasantly surprised when they walk in our Lodge door!! Can’t wait to see their faces! They look SO forward to this magical evening at ThorpeWood and an amazing dinner by Canapes!!

We wanted to give you a glimpse of the tree.  Love this picture of Sam and Julie bringing the mighty Blue Spruce off the field to its home in the ThorpeWood Lodge!  It is a 14 foot tree. As Julie and Sam, plainly evident to those passing by, exhibited giant huffing and blowing sounds while dragging this monster up the last hill before the barn to pay, they were greatly assisted by a wonderful man who offered to pull our tree behind his truck up this final, what seemed to us at this point –  enormous hill. Great thanks to Tom and what a beautiful expression of the unselfishness of this holiday season!  It is a fantastic tree, and as of Sunday, it was in place and ready for the decorating to begin!

When it comes to decorating, we have something very special to share with you.  Last year, we decided to create a ThorpeWood Christmas ornament.  After all, the ThorpeWood Christmas tree is such an iconic image of the season for so many of us; and we have so many people who have a special attachment to ThorpeWood – whether from having had their private event here, or having spent time here enjoying and benefiting from our beautiful property.  We thought a Christmas ornament would be a wonderful way to commemorate a year gone by.

This year’s ornament is a real beauty.

TW Ornament 2013

Designed and created by the wonderful ceramic artist – and longtime friend of ThorpeWood – Robert Strasser, the ornament captures the essence of ThorpeWood through its elegant simplicity.  You can read about Robert’s process with ceramics by clicking here.  The artistry behind his work is amazing, and his dedication to detail and design is simply spectacular.

We will offer the ornaments for sale at the Open House on Saturday.  The cost is $15 each and we have had 25 created for this year.  Perhaps you, or someone you know, has a connection to ThorpeWood and would love to have this keepsake on their tree.  Make sure to seek them out on Saturday, as we are sure they won’t last long!

We have been hard at work getting things ready for Saturday.  Even our smallest helpers have been pitching in.  elfontheshelfJust take a look at this adorable picture of our very own “Elf on the Shelf,” Anslea Grace as she helps our resident light expert, Sam, to string the tree with gorgeous lights.  For those of you keeping count….there will be a contest to guest the number of lights on this tree!!

We so look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!  Remember to bring some cookies (along with the recipe) to share, and bring your appetite!  The cookie selection has been incredible in the past!

Another way ThorpeWood will give back to the community, will be to provide a Goodwill bin, so that we can remember the spirit of the season, and think of others. Please bring any clothing you are planning to donate anyway!!

See you Saturday!!