The Open House is Tomorrow!!

lit up TWWe are so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the 14th Annual Open House.  From 3 pm to 8 pm we will be welcoming you and your family into our cozy Lodge to share in our holiday spirit.  A few reminders to help make the day extra special:

  • Santa will be here from 4 until 6.  We know that the big guy is particularly important to our youngest friends, so if some time with Santa is on your to do list, make sure to be around during that time frame.  Santa has always loved to make himself comfortable in our downstairs Tree Room, so that is the place you are most likely to find him.  While downstairs, you and your little ones can enjoy a special craft project…do you know the story: The Mitten? Volunteers will help children make their own mitten,  and can help us decorate our smaller, more kid-sized tree that is set up for our young ones to enjoy.  And don’t worry, we usually have some cookies stashed down there as well.  Kids can really work up a cookie hunger while waiting to share their hopes and wishes with Santa!Santa
  • Speaking of cookies – don’t forget to bring some to share, and to bring the recipe too.  We cannot tell you how many people love to taste the samples their community members bring to share!  It is so great to see the plates laden down with all of the different types of cookies and treats, and to hear the chatter of which ones are the favorites.  We have heard many people being greeted at our front doors as they enter the Lodge with suggested tips for which cookies are simply not to be missed!  It is such a fun part of the day!  Remember, we will also have bound copies of last year’s recipes available; which leads to another reminder to bring your recipe so that it can be available at next year’s Open House.
  • We will also have a Goodwill bin available for any items you are interested in donating.  Bring them with you and help make someone else’s holiday a joyful one!
  • Keep in mind that our ornaments will be on sale at the Open House.  $15 secures you one of these gorgeous ornaments and guarantees a spot of honor for ThorpeWood on your family tree!  Makes a great gift too. Ornaments can be ordered, but payment must be paid at the time of the order….bring cash or a check. Credit cards are not accepted.TW Ornament 2013

If you saw our call for some parking lot help on Saturday, and are interested in helping out, give us a call at 301-271-2823.  And remember, when you come to park at ThorpeWood on Saturday, be patient.  We will be out there working to handle the traffic and we will get everyone safely parked and inside the Lodge.

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!