The Goodwill Bin

viewTW2ThorpeWood, like any other non-profit, truly counts on the efforts of our friends and volunteers to step in when extra hands are needed.  Over the past year, many people have heeded our call for help with the Holiday Open House, 5K/10K Trail Run, and other events that take place at the Lodge and on the grounds, and many other needs.

Our Goodwill bin was scheduled to be picked up yesterday from the Lodge, but a decision was made to leave it as a Goodwill drop off location, permanently, here on the mountain.  That choice by Goodwill – in recognition of the great good that would come by having this donation box accessible to people in our neck of the woods –  made us think about how the friends and supporters of ThorpeWood aren’t only generous with their time and efforts on behalf of ThorpeWood, but how their kindness truly extends throughout our community.

That Goodwill bin was placed at the Lodge before our Holiday Open House and we encouraged you all to clean out your closets and storage areas and donate to those in need.  You truly answered that call, not only during the Open House, but throughout the weeks that we were host to the bin.  Think of all of the people at need in our community who were helped through this effort.  It truly touches us to see such generosity in action right here at ThorpeWood.

We are thrilled to play host to the Goodwill bin for the foreseeable future.  We certainly encourage you all to continue to use this wonderful resource.  But, just as importantly, we want you to know how appreciative we are of your kindness and willingness to serve.