The Adventures of Flat Fandi (Part II)

Since February, Flat Fandi has been out and about in the classrooms. From dancing with the kids to sitting down like the gentleman he is at the lunch table, Flat Fandi is learning so much in preschool! The Head Start teachers like to keep us posted on what Flat Fandi is up to with some truly fun photos. In some classes, he is just one of the students engaging in the activities of the day, while in other classes he is considered the ‘class pet’ and is cared for by a designated student each day. Take a look at all these fun photos! 

Flat Fandi dances with his friends in Walkersville

Flat Fandi in the barn the class built for him

Flat Fandi helps Miss Kim do online training

Flat Fandi explores Miss Kim’s keyboard with Elsa the hamster

Flat Fandi makes friends with Remy the guinea pig in Miss Heather’s class

Flat Fandi eats breakfast

Flat Fandi enjoys the barn his friends made him

Flat Fandi wears his seatbelt on the playground