Thanksgiving with Head Start

This past week, one of our lovely Head Start teachers, Miss Katelyn, invited us up to the classroom for a Thanksgiving feast.  Ms. Sam, the cook at Emmitsburg, had prepared turkey, stuffing, rolls, green beans and oranges for all. The Emmitsburg Head Start classroom sits in the senior center just south of the heart of town. At noon, I headed into the classroom to enjoy an hour with our ‘friends.’ Since this class had already been at the farm all week, they were quick to recognize that one of the farm people had arrived.
Many hands led me to see daddies, mommies, baby sisters and baby brothers who had come to join in the feast as well. Of course, introductions were always interesting, like the child who showed me Mama and then announced ‘She’s wearing makeup!!’ During the Thanksgiving Feast, I sat next to Loreli, who helped me remember to drink my water and occasionally reached over with her napkin to brush off my face. She told Daddy that I was a farmer and explained to him about the farm. 
After lunch, everyone gathered on the carpet (check here for carpet cleaning minneapolis from here) to listen to a fall-themed book called Leaves, Leaves, Leaves. During this, everyone ate cookies and learned about leaves. The big revelation came when Miss Kately revealed that leaves eat sunlight! At the end of the hour, I said goodbye to the class. Only then, did one boy notice me and summon me over so that he could whisper ‘you’re one of the farm ones!’ I confirmed that I am indeed one of the ‘farm ones’ and promised to see everyone back at the farm the next day. 
Thank you Miss Katelyn, Mr. Curtis, and Ms. Sam for having me!