Thank Yous (Vol. IV)


This spring has been lonesome for us farm folk as we haven’t gotten a chance to see our favorite groups on the farm. Groups like Camp Journey, So What Else, and Head Start usually brighten our spring days oh-so much. So, to heal our hearts during this time, we return to thank you letters from times past. These are always so full of love and appreciation that they never fail to make us smile!




Here’s a few notes we received from young visitors a little while ago:

“Thank you for letting us be there. It was fun – hopefully we can go back” -Will

“Thx for having us. I had so much fun! I loved feeding the horses and all that. So thanks again for having us!” -Josh

“Thanks for letting us stay. The property was really beautiful and we had a really great time :)” -Sebastian

“I’d like to thank you so much for inviting me and my friends on a journey of self-discovery and the extraordinary life of animals, plants, and more! I appreciate what you have done for the Green Team and I hope we will be able to continue it throughout the future. Thank you!” -Amir

“Thank you for everything and letting us sleep in the cabin!”   -Keenan

“Thank you for everything – the cabin, the fire, a little bit of horse time as well! The good thing was that it was my birthday, too! I would love to go again and recommend it to other people!” -Jaden

“Thank you for allowing us to stay in your house, use your stuff, and look at the lake. I might forget this one day, but I don’t want to!” -Paul

And here is what some of the adults had to say:

“We are so grateful to you all at ThorpeWood for your generosity and kindness! I think of you and your crew often, I really do. You are such a special group of folks and you do so much good. I admire each of you; please send my warmest regards to all.”

“Thank you so much for allowing our students to come out to experience the farm life. We appreciate your kindness and continuation to our partnership. My favorite part about our last trip was being able to see all the different animals. I love animals, so it really made my heart full. I hope we will be able to return this school year. Thank you again!”

In return, we want to say a big ‘THANK YOU!” back to all the local organization who are working so hard to deliver programming and services through this difficult time! We hope we can have you back out to the farm soon <3