Thank You, Farm Volunteers!

We are so exceptionally grateful for our team of young farm volunteers who have been helping out at the farm for many months! These young people have just returned to school, so I no longer get to see them for our weekly adventures together. However, they are still coming on weekends to help with morning feedings with Sam!

Ode to Shannon

A recent transplant to our mountain, nine-year-old Shannon is a constant delight. She is whip-smart and full of great ideas. She has helped tremendously as a sounding board for program ideas, as a caretaker of our animals, and as an author of farm stories. She is best known for her work on Puddy Maws: True Stories That Never Happened. Shannon has been a regular at the farm since early March – averaging about four hours of volunteering per week. THANK YOU, Shannon!

Zoe’s Tribute

A fellow denizen of the mountain, Zoe lives just a few minutes from the farm. We were lucky enough to have her as our farm volunteer every Wednesday morning since early February – averaging about 3 hours per week. Zoe is a dedicated stall cleaner (specializing in goat stalls) and a great helper at feeding time. She is generous with her time and effort – especially where Scratch the Cat is concerned! She has so much love to give. Our animals are incredibly grateful for all her attention! THANK YOU, Zoe!

Praise for Connor

Connor is our weekend helper – Sam’s right-hand man. Though I rarely get to see him, I hear tales of his dedication. Connor is a reliable worker each weekend. He is a great help with weekend feedings and is growing into new chores around the farm. He has been present for the dismantling of a giant fallen tree branch and has used his muscle to lay a stone walkway. He is getting ready to take on more challenges around the farm and we can’t wait to see all that he is capable of! THANK YOU, Connor!