Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We farm folk LOVE the teachers who bring their kids out to the farm! To all of them, we say:

Thank you for getting your kids to the farm. With permission slips, parent questions, rushing through start-of-day routines to get on the bus, we know it isn’t easy.

Thank you for being enthusiastic. If there’s one thing we notice, is how contagious a teacher’s attitude is. When you get off the bus smiling and excited for the day, the kids do too!

Thank you for trusting us with your students. Handing your little ones over to us farm folk takes trust – especially as we go running off into the woods or venture in with any number of animals.

Thank you for letting your kids get dirty. We know you deal with a lot of clean up already, but still allow us to make your life harder because you see how good it is for your students.

Thank you for your help. We don’t always know how to handle that certain child, but you step in and show us how.

Thank you for taking the farm back to the classroom. We have limited time together, so when you bring pine cones back to the microscope in the classroom, or make a book of our adventures together, you really magnify the farm’s impact.

Thank you for turning over your classroom to us. When we come visit you at school, you turn it all over to us and allow us to try to be teachers like you. I’m sure it’s frustrating to watch us botch classroom rules, but you let us (and our animals) in anyway.

Thank you for being a teacher each and every day. We farm folk are in awe of how you hold it together and are such steady, loving people in your students’ lives.