Summer Camp Farm Worksheets

Since we are unable to have kids out to the farm this summer for programming, we are doing our best to engage them from afar! In addition to our many distance learning videos (which you can find here), we have also created a few farm worksheets to accompany the videos and remind the kids of the farm.

First up, we sent our ‘What’s That Sound’ Maze. This goes along with our story by the same name, in which Billie the horse, who is at the ‘start’ runs around the farm, looking for what made a strange sound that woke her up. All the animals in the maze help her along the way, until she finds the chickens!

Next, we sent our ‘Race to the Barn’ tracing worksheet. This one can be paired with our ‘Morning on the Farm’ video, in which we watch as all the animals get their morning feed at the barn. We love how the lines reflect the animals’ movements. Snuder, the first horse, is a most uncomfortable horse whose gaits are jagged like his line. The puppies, of course, run in loopty loops wherever they go. The goats, similar to Snuder, are stiff in movement, like the boxed lines they follow. Finally, Hope the cow meanders wherever she goes – best noticed when looking at her trails around the field after a snow fall. 

Our third worksheet is a coloring page for our preschool friends. It features both a horse and a goat. This activity is to be paired with our story ‘Vinur and the Goats,’ in which we notice all the differences between horses and goats. In the end, they notice that they both have big fat bellies, and so bond over sharing their morning hay. This worksheet will help the students see up close how a horse and goat are both similar and different.

The final worksheet is another coloring page – this time featuring a small flock of chickens out in the grass! This activity is to be paired with our ‘Taking Care of Chickens’ video, or the read aloud story ‘Ready for an Egg Hunt?’ The former video reminds the viewers how important it is for both chickens and people to get out of the house to play in the grass. We hope this coloring book page also drives home this message!


We hope these worksheets help the kids to engage with the farm and our videos, even without getting to come to the farm!