StoryTime: “Please Take Me for a Walk”


This month for our Third Thursday Storytime, we read ‘Please Take Me for a Walk’ by Susan Gal. It is a delightful story of a little dog who just wants to go for a walk. The doggie asks again and again ‘please take me for a walk” followed by all the lovely things that he’d like to do around town.

After the read aloud, we brainstormed what a dog would like to do on a farm like ours, rather than in the story’s big town. We followed up this discussion by taking a walk around the farm with June, Ruby, Chester, and Ziggy (just a few of our dogs!). We brought them to visit with the cows, horses, and goats. They got to run in the woods, jump over logs, and eat fresh horse hoof trimmings from the farrier. Throughout the walk, we would verbally add a page to the story:

“Please take me for a walk…I want to play with the goats!” 

“Please take me for a walk…there are so many smells to sniff in the woods.”

“Please take me for a walk…I love to lick your face as you roll down the grassy hill!”

“Please take me for a walk…I’m so hungry for YUMMY HORSE TOENAILS!”

We finished up the hour by encouraging the kids to find the book in their local library and try to write a whole new chapter based on our adventure.