StoryTime: “I’m Done!”


This month’s story time featured a book called I’m Done! by Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan. In this book, a little beaver attempts to make his first dam, but he isn’t working too hard to make it just right. After much advice from Mama and Papa beaver, Little Beaver eventually ‘nibble nibble snaps’ and ‘scoop scoop pats’ his way to really damming the stream and making his own little pond.

After reading this story under the cover of the pavilion, we headed out into the rain to look for evidence of Little Beaver here at the farm. After a minute’s walk, we came across our first evidence: a low stump, whittled into a spear by beaver teeth! We followed the trail of missing branches and stumps until we arrived at the pond. Here, we discovered the beavers’ lodge, dam, and pathways between the ponds. The children were so delighted to find more and more evidence that Little Beaver lives here at the farm.

The whole adventure was streamed through Facebook live for those who couldn’t make it to the live event. You can find the link to that video here. Enjoy! We hope to see you in person next time!