Storytime: Charlotte and the Rock

This month, for our Third Thursdays at ThorpeWood Storytime, we read the terrific Charlotte and the Rock, by Stephen Martin. This is a simply adorable story of a little girl and her pet rock. The love and friendship between these two characters is evident on every page. We hope our young listeners took to heart how you can care for the inanimate aspects of nature. 

After the story, we went on a rock hunt to find our own pet rocks. There was much bustle about the farm as the children ran down our pine trails, finding the perfect rock to be their friend. After everyone had a rock in hand, we returned to the pavilion to decorate our rocks. Everyone made beautiful pet rocks, gave them names, and talked about where their pet rock would live. 

Finally, while the pet rocks dried in the warm spring air, everyone had a blast playing with the haybales that had been our storytime seating. All the kids rearranged the hay into new patterns, climbed up and down the bales, and generally had some good old farm fun. Until next time!