Storytime: “999 Tadpoles”

This month for our Third Thursdays at ThorpeWood, we read 999 Tadpoles by Ken Kimura. We read this book as a StoryPath. For those who are not familiar with this format, a StoryPath means that the pages of a book are placed on yard signs, erected along a trail, and read as an active storytime. This was not our own creative endeavor, however. It was a loan from the very generous Thurmont Regional Library. We are so grateful that they created these signs and allowed us to use them for our storytime!

The book is about a family of tadpoles, who grow up into frogs and need to find a new home. They travel through dangerous territory until they find their new pond in the most unlikely way! 

For the event itself, we followed the signs around the pond, stopping to read each page and admire the adorable illustrations. The last page was posted next to a large puddle in which we could see frog eggs. After some more exploring, we found tadpoles as well. There were just a few to be found, but we know our ponds will be quite full of tadpole life soon!