Stormur Goes to School

Hi Friends!  My name is Stormur. I’m one of the 9 Icelandic Hostormur-toyrses here on Stoney Lick farm. I was born after a storm so Mr. Sam named me Stormur. I’m a 7 year old gelding (boy horse). I’ll be all grown up when I’m 8!

The hair on my body is called a coat and an Icelandic Horse’s coat can be one of 55 different colors. Some horses, like me, have two coat colors.  My coloring is called pinto and means white with another color. My other cstormur-and-garpur-plus-toyolor is reddish brown. Sometimes small children think I am a cow because my coloring is similar to a cow’s coloring.

Speaking of cows, I found this stuffed animal toy cow on the farm. My friend Garpur and I played with it and had a great time. Garpur is 7 years old too! We also like to horse play together. Here is a picture of me horse playing with my friends.stormur-and-garpur-plus-toystormur-goes-to-school

I went to school for the very first time this September.  Sam drove me to school in our horse trailer.

I was a little nervous at first because everything was new and different to me. 

I met many new friends at school. This is Raven. He was my first friend. He is an Icelandic Horse too. We had a lot of fun playing in the pasture and eating the yummy green grass.stormur-and-raven

I was at the school for 5 days AND nights. It was fun having sleepovers with my new horse friends at school.

This is a picture of me, and Miss Joy in class. Miss Joy is my partner.stormur-in-class We learn together. Miss Linda, our teacher, is also in the picture. Miss Linda taught us new skills. Some of the skills we learned were hard and confusing at first. But Miss Joy and I kept trying until we improved our skills. Miss Linda said we did very well. That made us happy.

Here is a picture of me about to get a bath after a long class. We worked really hard and it was really hot that day. I was really sweaty from working so hard. The bath was cool and refreshing!stormur-shower

Mr. Sam came to visit us one day during class. We were happy to see him and to show him all the new skills we were learning. It made him proud and happy to see us learn.stormur-at-school-with-joy-sam

I had a great time at my school and couldn’t wait to get back to Stoney Lick farm and tell my friends about it. 

I also can’t wait for your school to come to my farm! See You Soon!