Snudder (Snoo-der)

Hi Friends!

My name is Snudder but some people call me by the nickname,  Snuddy (Snoo-dee).snudder-1 I am a 21 year old gelding (boy horse). My coat color is chestnut. I’m reddish brown like a chestnut. I have white numbers on my back. These are identification numbers and helped my first owner to be able to tell me apart from other chestnut colored horses on the farm.

I love being around lots of people and enjoy being part of the group.ealkids I like to have pictures taken of me with the friends who come visit Stoney Lick Farm.

There is one thing you need to know about me:TW outdoor school image “Snudder is my name and dancing is my game!” For the last 4 years I have enjoyed dancing with the Head Start kids when they come to visit us. I look forward to dancing with you on the last day of your visit, graduation day.