Sept ’23: Week 4: CAC Recovery Fair, Umbrella Project, Camp Jamie and JHU!

September 21-28: We hosted Johns Hopkins University Applied Sustainabilities students under the care of Professor Paul Kazyak. This group stayed over in our homestead house for eight days. During this time, they were going on all sorts of educational field trips, learning about green building, pervious pavements, landfills, solar energy, composting, Leave No Trace, and so much more. They are such easy, fun guests – we are delighted to support these up-and-coming environmentalists!

September 28th: We supported the Recovery Family Fun Fair by bringing goats and chickens for the attendees to love! So many folks stopped by our little portable pen to hold our chickens Sassafrass and Paprika, and love on our darling goats, Peanut and Pippin. This event was run by the Child Advocacy Center of Frederick County. This organization provides a safe, child-friendly place for forensic interviews, pediatric examinations, therapy, and advocacy.

September 29th: The Umbrella Project spent the night on our farm with 5 grieving young adults and a few group leaders. This was their first night before heading south on the Appalachian Trail. We hope the rest of their time together was healing and rewarding!

September 30th: We once again hosted Frederick Health Hospice’s One Day Grief Camp – Camp Jamie. We are honored to be a part of this impactful day of healing for grieving kids. Setting up home base in our homestead barn, the kids do art therapy interventions, spend time with our animals, engage in some forest therapy, have a family dinner, perform a remembrance ceremony, and more. This is always such a beautiful day on the farm!