Scott’s Retirement

Since 2012, our property has been in the loving hands of our property manager, Scott Slonacker. The pride he takes in his work can be seen in every ounce of the property, from the neatly cut grasses, the arched canopy over our farm lane, the machines running smoothly, and the buildings standing tall. Anyone who has visited our lovely chicken house has seen Scott’s construction prowess – he built our feathered ladies a veritable cathedral. As is fitting, we have dubbed it ‘Slonacker House’. In addition to this labor over the property, Scott also participates in all of our EAL sessions and programs with Head Start. Especially as we work with sensitive populations, Scott’s gentle and quiet demeanor goes a long way in reminding our participants what a good man is. 

After 7 years of full time service to ThorpeWood, Scott is retiring. Though he still plans on coming up to work on a part time basis, his time will mostly be occupied by his own farm in West Virginia, where he lives with his wife and many animals. Since he will no longer be here at ThorpeWood quite so often, we have given him miniatures of each of his favorite machines, which he has spent so much of his time on. Hopefully, these will keep him amused now that he is a semi-retired man 🙂 We love Scott oh-so much and are so pleased that he is not leaving us for good! He is irreplaceable.