Road Clean Up!

ThorpeWood is proud to be a part of the Adopt-a-Road program, where volunteers take on the responsibility of keeping their local roads litter-free. Our lovely neighbors, the Ole Mink Farm, keep Mink Farm Road looking beautiful, while we at ThorpeWood maintain Catoctin Hollow Road. This past week, five of us ThorpeWoodians (Sam, Jeff, Julie, Joy and myself) set out down the road, fully equipped with trash bags and gloves.

In addition to the usual cans and bottles, we also pulled a speed limit road sign out of the stream, a dozen tires from the road-side ravine, a couch, a television and more! Jeff and Sam were the real heroes on those discoveries as they trudged up and down the steep bank bringing their discoveries up with them. In the end, we collectively amassed about a dozen giant trash bags (about half of these filled with recycling) from our adventure.

If you are interested in lending a hand next time we go out, please do reach out to [email protected]! We would love to have you!