Fgallery5-12It’s the start of another year, and our thoughts naturally turn to fortifying our resolve to make this year better than the last.  It’s the natural process of thought as we close-out one year and move onto the next:  an opportunity to start over, wipe the slate clean, have a new beginning…a time to start fresh.  And so, noble resolutions are made to kick off each new year, and at ThorpeWood, it is no different.  We enjoy taking a look back at the year just ended, tallying up those areas of success and analyzing where improvement would make us even better, and then resolving to do the things that will make us better!  We are confident you have also engaged in this kind of activity within the last week.

So, where to begin?  Well, first with a little gratitude and acknowledgement of the fantastic year that was 2014.  Let it be clear that a huge acknowledgement needs to go out to the contributions made by ThorpeWood’s stalwart volunteers who are always at the ready for events that support our mission and as EAL volunteers.  Their worth is immeasurable and our hope is that you hear these words of praise and appreciation.

Our Head Start Equine Assisted Learning program kicked off in 2014 and we saw tremendous, inspiring, and humbling growth – not just of our little patrons, but also among our staff  and the staff of Head Start.  What a positive learning year for everyone!  To be able to work with these wonderful young people is truly a blessing and an honor, and we are so grateful for the amazing success of our inaugural Head Start year.

We also had a year of fantastic events in support of our program mission: 1) our 7th annual 5K/10K Trail Walk/Run – it was larger than ever – mark your calendar 9/6/15;  2) our 15th Holiday Open House with record crowds; 3) our 3rd annual Barn Dance in our 115 year old bank barn; 4) our 2nd summer of being the Frederick YMCA’s special location for Kids Unlimited, B.A.S.E. (Before and After School Enrichment), Outdoorsman Camp, and Head Start Horse Camp; 5) a free to the public performance by the International Music Institute and Festival based out of Mt. Saint Mary’s University; 6) 8th annual multi-night stay of a local Scout Venturing Crew; and 7) numerous non-profit groups that both use our 155 acres for programs for their kids and our Lodge as a retreat for meetings.

Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood was selected by 60 couples as the ideal venue for both their marriage vows and the reception to follow. Additionally, Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood was chosen by many as a corporate retreat location, for still others as the perfect site for major birthdays, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, holiday parties, etc.  In short, 2014 was a year to remember!

As we look toward 2015, we are committed to pushing forward to be ever more meaningfully connected to our wonderful community that we love so deeply.  We are looking forward to continuing our solid work with Head Start, and to promoting and providing the life changing experience that Equine Assisted Learning at ThorpeWood has proven can be achieved.  We want to continue to be a conduit to the natural world for individuals, couples, groups and organizations.  And we want to continue to engage with you – our community.

So there you have it, our resolutions for 2015.  Join us please in making 2015 the best year yet – of this we are certain, it can’t happen without you!