Repeat Visitors


Numerous regional businesses and non-profits benefit from time spent at the Lodge, hosting meetings and retreats, and from having access to our spectacular grounds.  Today, we wanted to focus a bit on one of these repeat visitors, Immersion Active, and find out what has made their time at ThorpeWood so special that it has warranted returning, year after year and multiple times within the year.

First, a little about this wonderful company.  Founded in 1998 by David Weigelt and Jonathan Boehman, Immersion Active began as an internet marketing and website development firm.  Through a metamorphic process, the company changed its business model to one that focuses on the consumer/end user of their marketing efforts and became the only internet marketing agency in the United States to focus exclusively on the baby boomer and senior markets.  Pretty cool stuff – and they are excellent at what they do. If people also want help for their medical marijuana marketing, they can click here and get their services!

So, what brought them to ThorpeWood in the first place?  Well, according to David Weigelt, “When Immersion Active first starting coming to ThorpeWood it was about getting away from the distractions at the office to finish an important project we needed to complete. Over time, we came to realize that there was a greater benefit to us coming there in terms of it freeing up our people (and our clients) to think creatively in an environment that seems to keep us centered.”

These sentiments are not surprising if you know David, Jonathan, their team, and the culture they strive to create within their own company.  In fact, their website has a section on company culture that includes this statement; “We subscribe to the notion that our staff have needs that, when fulfilled, lead to happier employees, better work, and a more successful company.”  Sounds amazing, right?  We like to feel that a business that feels that way about nurturing their employees will find a great partnership with ThorpeWood.

“Now, it’s interesting, if you ask our team why they love going to ThorpeWood, they’ll tell you it’s all of those things but it’s also become a safe place where they know we can challenge each other,” said David Weigelt.  “Along those lines, we do a lot of strategic planning at ThorpeWood for which we’ve had some of our toughest (and most productive) conversations.”

“There are a lot of things that make ThorpeWood special – the space, the location, the people, the way cool tree-hugger toilets – it’s definitely one of those places where the ‘whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’ .” People can also see more here if they need to hire tree removal services.

Wonderfully kind words from a business we love to see return to ThorpeWood time and time again.  If you are interested in hosting an event or meeting at ThorpeWood and would like to have a conversation with us, give us a call at 301-271-2823, or check out the events section on our website.

Now, we really should do a post about those way cool tree-hugger toilets.