Remembering Arrow

We are so sad to announce the passing of our dear goat, Arrow. He was put down on the 8th after he grew uncomfortable and skinny from cancer. His best buddy, Flint, seems to understand that Arrow is gone and has turned to his other friend, Snuder the horse. Luckily for us, our herd of horses is exceptionally sweet and welcoming, so Flint has become an honorary member of the Icelandic herd.

Arrow first came to us on Halloween 2016 and has been an active member in our programs ever since. He has been loved by folks of all ages – charming everyone with his sweet demeanor and occasional bursts of spunk. He was always such a trooper when we’d put the goats in the trailer to visit all the Head Start classrooms in the county. During these visits, he would obligingly follow preschoolers through an obstacle course.

Thank you to all who have loved Arrow. If you have any pictures or memories of our beloved goat, please do share them with us at [email protected]!