Recent Farm Mail

We have been having so much fun making and delivering farm mail to all of our Head Start friends! Each week, we drive around Frederick and Emmitsburg to make our rounds of all the classrooms – two classes at Frederick Community College, one at Staley Park, two at the Bernard Brown Center, one at Lucas Village, and one at the Emmitsburg Senior Center. In recent weeks, we have distributed a great many items of farm fun. Here are just a few of the things we have sent via Farm Mail:

A pair of stilts

We made these in our workshop and made a video of that process to send to all the kids! These toys are great for kids to develop their gross motor skills – and have a lot of fun doing so! 

Flat Fandi

This little horse has long been a familiar face around the Head Start classrooms, and is once again getting loved and played with regularly in the classroom.




Pool Noodle Horses

Using just a few ribbons, googly eyes, and a pool noodle, we made fantastic little hobby horses. Each classroom now has one to play with!






Coloring Pages

Farm-themed coloring pages are always a hit – the kids often give us the finished products back as a little gift the next week.






Flat Matilda

We heard that Flat Fandi might be getting a bit lonely, so a Flat Matilda joined him!




Animal Autographs

One of the classes sent us a big poster with everyone’s handprint on it early in the school year, so we returned the favor by making a page of animal autographs!