Picnicking with COIPP

The lovely ladies of the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) hosted a picnic at Staley Park this past Friday for the children, families, and volunteers of this organization. Nearly 50 people arrived to make use of the playground, picnic in the pavilion, and enjoy the treats of the visiting ice cream truck. As you can see it here, to supplement the fun of this day, we farm folk brought down a trailer full of animals for everyone to love and enjoy. Our two horses (Vinur and Snuder), two goats (Flint and Arrow), four chickens (Dezi, Dizzy, Daphne, and Paco) and Tucker the dog all were set up under the grand oak trees to welcome the children.

Many of the kids we got to see were old Head Start friends, who were delighted to see their old pals. It was lovely to see parents and family members just as interested in our farm animals – asking all kinds of questions about our odd-looking chickens and unbelievably gentle horses. 

As a delicious thank you for our visit, we were all rewarded with ice cream and snow cones from the ice cream truck. That is a sure-fire way to make us farm folk happy!