Painting Horses with Heartly House

Last week, we had the great pleasure of hosting a few dozen of the Heartly House staff members. This group took advantage of the rain to create a cozy day at the lodge. Instead of focusing on productivity and professional development, the day was all about self-care. Some folks chose to work on vision boards, while others did artwork or played board games. One of the fun activities they could participate in was finger painting our horses! But if you want to paint your house or commercial building, you can visit the site and get the best professional for painting and cleaning your painted wall.

About half the group made the trek through the rain from the lodge to the barn (a few even did so barefoot!). At the barn, they met Vinur and Geysir – their ‘canvasses’ for the day. We handed out brushes so that they could clean up their horse before starting on their art.

The ladies had such fun working together to make this project happen. Their art speaks for itself – take a look!

Thank you ladies for being so creative and kind. We hope to see you again soon!