EL Camp Out!


All school year long, we have been hosting TJ High School’s English Learners. This cohort of students has visited the farm five times to enjoy our animals and nature. The teachers always plan fun lessons for the kids here, too – using microscopes, thermometers, hand tools, and more. For their final visit of the school year, thirty of these students spent two days and a night at the farm!



The first day’s activities centered around painting our horses and adventuring down at the stream. The kids had so much fun bonding with the horses during this activity. Afterward, we naturally had to go visit our new baby goats – Banjo and Mohawk. Everyone doted on them – going so far as to adorn them with flowers and rock them to sleep in their arms. 

Later that night, there were soccer games in the riding ring, hotdogs over the fire at 2am, and so much more. When sleep finally overtook everyone, the girls hunkered down in our homestead house while the boys retreated to their tents. Everyone slept in before tidying up their campsites and having a relaxing morning on the farm. We so enjoyed everyone’s company – it is such a thrill to see our property transformed by our visitors.