Overheard on the Farm (Part III)

During the course of our Spring visits with Head Start, we overhear many a splendid and amusing thing come out of our friends’ mouths. While oh-so many are only enjoyed in that moment alone, others we remember to write down to smile about another day. Here is a small collection of these little quips:

On Riding

(As the horse started to move) “He’s giddy-upping!!”

(Looking back at line of friends walking behind him as he rode) “Kids are slooow!”

(Looking down at me beside of him) “I’m taller than you!”

“Whoa…he’s bumpy!”

(After her turn was over) “Can I give the horse a hug?”


On Exploring

(On what lives in the pond) “A rabbit!”

(On how the fish in the pond eat) “They just go to the fish restaurant!”

“Let’s go bear hunting!”

(On seeing a deer trail through the woods) “It’s a SNAKE trail!”

(On seeing June, the dog, walk out into the pond) “Is she allowed to go swimming by herself??”

“I think I hear something…it’s a BEAR!”

(On being asked where the water from the pond comes from) “Oh! I know! From JESUS!”

(On hearing me name a dandelion) “Uhhh, actually that’s a Flower” (spoken with pity for my ignorance)

(At the pond) “A mermaid could live there!!”

(On being asked if he can pick up a nearby boulder) “No…only Hulk Smash can!”

(On seeing a cool tree) “Holy Moly Macaroni!”

(On seeing a tree with a spider web on it) “It’s spider man’s tree!”

(Guessing what lives in the ground hog hole) “Snake? Ant? ELEPHANT? …little elephant??”

On ‘Working’ on the Farm

(On hearing all the ‘work’ that needs to get done with their help) “Don’t worry, it’ll be easy peasy!”

(In the skid steer) “These are just pretend…”

(On suddenly slumping over on the tractor seat) “I crashed and died!”

(On seeing all the farm machines) “It’s a tractor farm!!”

(On the lawn mower) “I’m going super sonic speeeeed!!!”

(On playing with one chicken away from the others) “Do the chickens get sad when their friend is gone?”

On Stream Day

“It’s WET in here!”

“Who put all the rocks in here??”

(Halfway to the stream in the middle of the woods) “We’re going to the POOL!”


“I’m wearing water shoes so that they can get wet and drink all the water”

“I don’t want to get eaten by fish!”

“Are there sharks?”

(Two girls, in unison) “BEST.DAY.EVER!”