Our Intern: Priya Thompson

Hello everyone! 

My name is Priya and I am interning here at ThorpeWood for the next month. I am a rising sophomore at Endicott College in Massachusetts where I am majoring in communications. Endicott has an internship program that requires students to get experience in their field of study. I decided to intern at ThorpeWood to help run and design community events and programs. During my internship, I also care for the farm animals and work in the garden. I enjoy helping people and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about the farm and how ThorpeWood programs serve the surrounding community. 

Part of my internship is coming up with three different learning goals that I will be working towards while at ThorpeWood. These goals are: 

  • Collaborating to create a communication plan that encompasses various channels such as social media, newsletters, and website blog posts. In this process, I will learn how to effectively communicate the farm’s mission, values, and activities to the public. 
  • Assisting with the program planning and coordination: Participate in organizing and promoting farm programs and events. Learn how to effectively communicate event details, engage the community, and ensure smooth logistics. Gain experience in event promotion, media relations, and attendee engagement. 
  • Creating engaging content: Produce high-quality written and visual content for the farm’s communication channels. May include blog posts, photos, videos, or infographics. Develop storytelling skills to effectively convey the farm’s unique story and connect with the target audience. Create more effective internal communications; memos of understanding, contracts, board presentations, and general organizational help. 

I look forward to my experience here at ThorpeWood and am interested to see what I learn! I’ll report back here at the end of my internship!