New Years Resolutions – 2023

Well the farm animals are all astir over the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. They are a motivated bunch of critters – goal-driven, ambitious, unstoppable. Let’s take a look at what they have planned for the new year:


Mia – Keep my coat white and shining. Be a more benevolent queen of the herd.

Vinur – Be the perfect sidekick to Mia. Finally convince herd-mates to call me and Mia ‘Double Trouble’ when they see us coming.

Snuder – Restart my barbershop quartet group. Go on tour.

Fandi – Keep on keeping on.

Geysir – Go on more rides. Practice my flying pace.


Flint – Hog all human love and affection. I deserve it. 

Banjo – Be held in as many arms as possible. Remain pocket-sized.

Mohawk – Be brave. Be trusting.

Annabelle – Teach my baby brothers about the world. Clear brush with speed and great appetite.




Hope – Perfect my bounce + kick move. Perform in a talent show.

Effie – Support Hope in her ambitions. Be a good friend.




Matilda – Maximize my feather floofiness. Be beautiful.

Ingrid – Outsmart the humans. Trick them into giving me more mealworms.

Stella – Be more like my hero, Ingrid.  

Barbara – Improve my tail feather hygiene. 

Dizzy – Gossip less. 

Daphne – Maintain dignity, despite being bottom of the pecking order.


Scratch – As always, increase time spent being loved. Perch atop more humans. 

We wish all of our animals the best of luck in accomplishing their goals. We are proud of them no matter what.