New Virtual Learning Videos

As our preschoolers are still not able to come visit the farm at this time, we are making more distance learning videos to share with them. The children in both the physical and virtual classrooms have been enjoying their small glimpses into life at the farm. These videos offer a wide range of content for our preschoolers, including read alouds and videos from all aspects of farm life. Take a look at our latest videos below! Also, you can visit our ThorpeWood youtube channel for all of our videos!

Meet the Farm

This is the first video we made this school year to introduce new students to our farm (and baby Josie!). It is a read aloud of a new story we farm folk wrote recently. All of the classrooms got a copy of this book in their farm mail!

The Farm Alphabet

This is a read aloud of one of our farm stories, read atop our tractor! Each letter of the alphabet is paired with something from life at the farm. Each student, both in the physical and virtual classrooms, got a miniature version of this book in their farm mail!

Making Stilts in the Workshop

This video shows me building a pair of stilts in the workshop. The children get to see many different tools in use. Each class got a pair of these stilts in their farm mail that week!

Let’s Get Hay

This video shows a fun day at the farm where we farm folk go get 100 bales of hay from a local farm. The kids get to watch us load and unload the hay – and finally deliver it to the animals!


As the students were studying leaves in their classrooms, this video shows leaves at the farm and all the fun you can have with them. From making confetti, to jumping in leaf piles, to making a little leaf village, there is all kinds of fall fun in this video.