New Animals at the Farm!

We ThorpeWoodians have been playing around with the idea of getting a new animal at the farm for a while now…but what to get? Sheep, pigs, more chickens, alpaca? We were set on only adding a productive farm animal to the family, and have finally made a decision…GOATS!

Although they don’t have names just yet, we have acquired two baby pygmy goats. They are twin boys and about three months old. We have high hopes for these little guys. First and foremost, our two new friends are planning to become stars of our animal programs. Who can possibly resist the spunk and silliness of pygmy goats? Second, Jeff is planning to train them as his new assistants – a part of the brush clearing team. We plan to have portable fencing that we will move around the property wherever brush needs to be cleared. This will reduce our reliance on weed killers and generally add an air of whimsy about the farm. 

For now, we are doing our best to socialize our new goats and will be starting lead training soon! Many more goat updates to come…