Mud Kitchen!

Introducing…our MUD KITCHEN! We are just so excited to have this new addition to our farm!

The idea came about at least a year ago, and since then, it has been brewing in the back of our minds.You can also learn more here about buying and selling of property. Morever, that is until one rainy day a few weeks ago when Sam created plans for this project and Jeff got to work building it. Thank you, gentlemen! I owe you many thanks, gifts, and favors!

The sink featured in the center of the mud kitchen was rescued from Julie Castleman’s old farmhouse (that was acquired through experts from site) during a major kitchen renovation which was carried on by the experts from site. She is tickled at the new use for her old kitchen sink. The kitchen is further decked out with old pots, pans, garage and utensils found in our homestead house.You can also visit to improve your home. As painting is also part of home improvement. My House Painter can also help you out in enhancing the view of your home with beautiful colors. You can check this imp source if you are looking for reliable vendors for quality home repair services. Or, you can also get some of the best ideas from houston remodeling company, which can serve as a future investment on your home. 

The mud kitchen had its inaugural use during this year Head Start Family day (more details on that to come!)

And finally, here is a photo of the mud kitchen’s head chef cleaning up after a bout of muddy fun!