March ’23 Week 4: Head Start, SWAG & MMS

Our third week of March was another fun one!

On the 28th, we visited two Head Start classrooms – one at FCC and the other at Staley Park. We put a call out to all the Head Start teachers, asking who wanted a visit from us farm folk. We were delighted that Miss Tonya and Miss Maria took us up on the offer. So, after corraling the students outside, we introduced them to our two smallest animals – the baby chicks and our miniature goats. The kids were quite pleased and were fascinated by these farm animals who seemingly magically appeared down in Frederick, right outside their classroom. It always feels good to create these experiences for our favorite preschoolers!

On the 29th, The Empowering Community Leaders Network’s SWAG program (Sisters Wholesome Aspiring Toward Greatness) made its yearly trip to the farm. Traditionally, they engage in our Equine Assisted Learning program, but since it’s a two year program now, the leaders thought the girls should enjoy other parts of the farm. So, we took them on a nature walk, allowing them to engage with and learn about all sorts of woodland features – climbing trees, investigating sapsucker holes, checking out moss, nuts, and dead trees, and so much more. The girls also enjoyed our animals around the farm at the conclusion of the hike. We’ll see them again next year!

On the 31st, six science teachers from Middletown Middle School used our lodge for a group meeting, but also made time for some outdoor experiences with us. These folks were simply giddy to be spending time together outside of a school building. They thoroughly enjoyed their hike from the lodge to the farm, and also got a chance to engage with many of our animals. Of course, our baby chicks continue to be the stars of the show at the farm these days!