March ’23 Week 3: Baby Chicks, Respite Programs, EL Students & Camp Jamie

We had a busy week!

First, on the 20th, we got baby chicks! We bought 5 babies from Southern States, including three Silver-Laced Wyandottes and two Rhode Island Reds. These are simply little darlings and we are beyond delighted to have them. They are, as expected, very helpful with computer work (see photo below)!

On the 21st and 23rd, two rounds of youth from a local respite program came to enjoy the farm – including doing some work in the garden for us and helping around the barn, too. In the garden, these groups of boys and girls planted sweet peas seeds and built tipi trellises for these pea plants to climb as they grow. They did a fantastic job! Back at the barn, they helped with evening chores and, naturally, spent time loving our baby chicks!

Also on the 23rd, TJ High School EL Students camp back again! Most of the EL Students have been to ThorpeWood five or more times, so we fell into their favorite activities – hikes (new this visit: in a thunderstorm!), loving our animals (new this visit: baby chicks!), playing soccer, and sharing lunch together. We love their company at the farm!

On Saturday the 25th, Camp Jamie held their Teen Grief Camp at the lodge. We are always honored to host these healing experiences in collaboration with Frederick Health Hospice. Their day began in the lodge with a Jenga-based ice breaker which led to the creation of journals and memory boxes, honoring those they have lost and the big feelings around that loss. From there, the teens enjoyed lunch in the lodge before heading out to have animal time over on the farm side. Afterward, they had their sharing circle in front of the fire, painted memorial stones from our creek, ate dinner with families, and had their remembrance ceremony at the cowboy cauldron.

It was a great week. We love seeing the farm hold space for so many folks, all coming with different needs and leaving with more peace.