Make a Nature Journal!

When physical distancing is keeping you at home and away from other humans, consider making a nature journal. Since we were planning on making nature journals with some groups at the farm in the future, we wanted to get some practice in…and now is a perfect time! After all, being outside in nature is one way of getting out of the house safely. We even made 250 little journals to send home to all of our Head Start friends!

Nature journals can be formatted however you like, from watercolors in a notebook to little pencil doodles on the back of your shopping list. Just take a minute to look out your window or take a seat during a walk and capture what you see. Do a leaf rubbing, write a haiku, draw one tiny bit of nature without lifting your pencil, or spend hours capturing a whole landscape in detail. Use mud and berries as your ink, keep a list of all the creatures you see, tape a flower petal to your paper, bring your family, your pet, or go it alone. 

Send along photos of you making your nature journal or some pictures of the finished products to [email protected] – we will post them here on the blog or over at ThorpeWood’s facebook page!