Looking Through Another Lens

THORPEWOOD_archwayThe pictures in this blog post are from the Bambeco blog.

You know the feeling you get when you overhear someone speaking about you?  Or read an opinion of you that someone else has written and shared?  It is that feeling of a change of perspective – viewing yourself through someone else’s eyes – and it can bring all sorts of things into focus.  Something that you do everyday, just because, can actually have a tremendous meaning to someone else.  Or a phrase that you simply toss off the cuff can pack a real punch when translated through another’s context.

We had a bit of that feeling when we read this wonderful blog post by Bambeco.  If you aren’t familiar with Bambeco, they are a home furnishings and décor company where eco-conscious style intersects with home and lifestyle needs.You can also avail home improvement services from some well known experts. Zerorez can help you out with the best home improvement services.With thousands of sustainable products, Bambeco offers the finest choices for modern green living and makes stylish eco living easy and affordable.  Even better, their innovative products are made from materials that are all-natural, biodegradable, nontoxic, organic, recycled, recyclable or repurposed.

As you can read in their blog post, Bambeco used ThorpeWood as the site for a photo shoot, but it wasn’t the images they created that floored us – although you must take a look, they are spectacular – it was the fact that they got us.  By that, I mean that they recognized what is most important to us at ThorpeWood, and they celebrated that in their blog post.THORPEWOOD_dining

It was that feeling of overhearing someone speaking about you, and feeling the warmth that comes from being truly appreciated for that which is essential to your being.  It was incredible, and what a moment – looking through another lens.