Living Through Loss ’22

We were honored to host Living Through Loss, a support group for parents who have lost a child to overdose led by Jamie Eaton, MS, LCPC. The attendees were welcomed at ThorpeWood’s lodge before heading out to their various workshops all across the property. All through the day, they cycled between their four chosen activities, plus a group lunch at our pavilion and a closing concert in our pine cathedral.
Check out the amazing line-up of workshops that Jamie put together:
Healing Through Advocacy for Change
Healing Through Our Broken Stories: The Power and Influence of Story
Healing Through Narrative: How to Communicate Your Story Through the Arts
Healing Through Nature: A Forest Therapy Walk
Healing Through Equine Art
Healing Through Reading Resources
Healing Through Tuning In: Self-Calming Your Nervous System
Healing Through Creative Expression: Affirmations and Collage
These workshops took place all over our beautiful property – at the deck of the Little Pond Cottage, in and around the lodge, at our barn, and so many other wonderful spots. The participants were exceptionally appreciative of all our animals, staff, and property. It was a joy to have them here and to share in their stories.
Here is one beautiful email we received after the event:
Your kindness in offering a special retreat for Living thru Loss was remarkable and greatly appreciated.  I joined this group last year following the death of my young daughter and this has given me a space and place to meet others in a group none of us ever wanted to join.  But we find ourselves in this life with great highs and lows, and opportunities for joy and sadness.  You offered us a wonderful day to both rejoice for our lives and to grieve together under the skies of Thorpewood, in a peaceful setting with the animals, nature, and Katie, Chester and a lovely woman who helped with the horses.
Thank you to all who made the day special. We can’t wait to have everyone back again soon for another Living Through Loss event!