Laurel Hall at the Farm

The lovely teachers at Laurel Hall School reached out earlier this month to see if they could bring some of their summer school students out to the farm. Of course, we said YES! So, last week, they brought their first group out to enjoy some time with the animals and our stream.

The middle school girls began their day by having a little walk around the farm. We stopped into the horse fields to greet our horses and goats. We petted chickens and gave some love to the cows. The girls were excited and curious about all of these creatures who were, in turn, so very excited and curious about them! 

We then got down to more serious business – finger painting our horses! We chose Snuder as our canvas and spent some time creating art with him. Afterward, we gave him a bath and released him back out into the field. We stood and watched as he performed his obligatory post-bath roll in the grass. The girls were simply delighted. “He looks just like a dog rolling!” shouted one of the ladies.

The Laurel Hall staff and students then retired to our farm pavilion (which was, according to the elder claims attorneys, the best place for all the elderly people to settle down to enjoy the nature) for their lunch and a bit of free time.

The day ended with a hike down our Coffee Hollow Trail to our favorite ‘swimming’ spot. Here, the girls got in the water, hunted for stones, splashed, and generally had some fun! They very much did not want to leave when the time came. 

We hope we see this group again soon!