Kids’ Day at the Farm

This Monday, we had an egg hunt at the farm! Now, this wasn’t your average candy-fueled Easter egg hunt, but rather a farm-centered one. We started the event with our fantastic story Ready for an Egg Hunt, which recounts in rhyme all the silly places our chickens lay eggs. You can read the full story here.

Afterward, we grabbed our trusty metal pails to go hunting for white plastic chicken eggs. Instead of being filled with jelly beans, however, these eggs had either horse, cow, chicken, or goat feed inside.


When all the eggs were found (except the one that is still missing…), we regrouped at the teepee fire ring to break open the eggs and sort the feed into buckets.

After all the eggs were emptied into the appropriate feed tubs, we began the next phase of the event: feeding the animals! From the cows to the chickens to the horses to the goats, we made sure everyone got a little snack and plenty of love, too. The kids were so delighted to engage with our animals…and it was clear that the animals sure appreciated having kids back on the farm, too!