Keeping the ThorpeWood Fires Burning

Fgallery6-10Well, friends – you have done it!  Thank you!  The Barn Dance is on for tomorrow night – October 11th.  Tickets will be on sale at the door on Friday evening $20 for adults and $10 for 15 year and younger.   The Barn Dance will kick off at 7:30, with the last dance at 10:30.  Light snacks and hot cider will be served – how perfect will that hot cider be on a chilly evening like that? – but you can feel free to BYOB as well.  The Speakeasy Boys are ready to play and we will have a caller to call the dances – it promises to be a night to remember!

Oh, and one other thing – in addition to the proceeds from the Barn Dance going to support the use of ThorpeWood by our local, hoedowncommunity nonprofits – we will have a Goodwill collection box at the dance as well.  So, go through those closets and cabinets and bring some of your no-longer-needed items to the dance for Goodwill.  Even though they are no longer needed by you – they could certainly benefit someone else.  And, it is always better to recycle goods rather than fill up our landfills.  It does something good for others and does good for our environment as well!

Speaking of doing good for our environment, we wanted to talk a bit today about firewood.  Yes, you read that correctly!  With our turn to cooler temperatures and fall weather, we got to thinking about how some of you might find it interesting to know that here at ThorpeWood, we have to work to prepare  our Lodge and property for the winter months, just as you all do around your own homes.  In particular, we spend quite a bit of time gathering and sawing wood for use in the Lodge furnace and our 6′ wide open hearth fireplace.  We are industriously at this winter-prep work, not only so you can have those roaring fires you have all come to expect when you enter  the Lodge,  but also for use in our sensational bonfires we have during star gazing parties, for overnight camping campfiresessions, or other events.

Did you know that ThorpeWood utilizes a dual fuel furnace in our Lodge?  It is a combination wood/oil furnace and so we have to cut and prepare a lot of firewood for feeding the furnace during normal working and event hours!  A few years back, we decided to retrofit the furnace by installing hot water coils coming off our domestic hot water tank – doing so helps decrease our oil consumption significantly!  You can also read more about how to maintain a furnace and how our dual fuel furnace and other green features of our Lodge works by clicking here.

Yes, fall is definitely in the air here at ThorpeWood!  Prepping firewood, blazing fires, and our Barn Dance tomorrow night!  We love this time of year – it is the perfect time to be on the mountain.  Of course, we might be accused of saying that in every season…

And please don’t forget to mark your calendar for Ruut and her band, with opener Luke Brindley on Sunday, November 10 from 2p – 5p. Stay tuned for more details!

Hope to see you all tomorrow night!