June Litter Pick Up

Earlier this month we performed our quarterly road clean-up on Catoctin Hollow Road. Our crew included TW property manager Jeff Isaac, property assistant Gage Frantz, barn manager Mattie Hoover, and me, program director Katie Guth.  As a team of four, we walked the 3.5 mile stretch of Catoctin Hollow Road from Mink Farm Road to Route 15.

Litter pick up in the summer months is a bit trickier as the road-side stilt grass tends to obscure discarded bottles and take out containers, but we scoured the road for every bit of trash. Mattie ‘eagle-eyes’ Hoover found yards of heavy cable up on the bank, Jeff discovered an abandoned microwave in the stream, Gage reliably piled cans and bottles into our trash bags, and I hauled a multi-level cat tree out of the stream bed. We all teamed together to haul many atrociously heavy cement slabs up the cliffside.

At the end of the outing, we all enjoyed some ice cream back at the barn.

If you would like to join us for our next litter pick up, email [email protected] for the details!