June ’23 Week 3: Youth Volunteers, Boys and Girls Club, and Humble Warriors

This was the week of return visitors! We LOVE to have these kinds of long-term relationships with our program participants!

On June 19th, we had a young member of our community out to volunteer in our garden and with our animals. This volunteer has come to ThorpeWood for another program previously, and was so smitten by our animals that they couldn’t resist signing up for volunteer hours across the whole summer! We look forward to working alongside them every other Monday during summer break!

On the 20th, we hosted our second round of Boys and Girls Club members. We were delighted to have some students remember having visited us previously. Some of them had been with us before during their preschool years at Head Start. What joy to reconnect with past participants and chat about what they remembers from years past!

Keeping with the theme of return visitors, the Humble Warriors returned and spent the 20th through the 22nd with us! These ladies were all last year’s (and the year prior’s) Humble Warrior campers. This program, designed to serve girls who need extra support, always brings back the previous participants to be counselors-in-training. This week was their planning and preparation time. Next week, we will meet the new girls and watch these counselors become leaders!