June ’23 Week 1: CASS Students, Star Community, Umbrella Project, and More!

The first week of June has been a delightful whirr of programs and events at ThorpeWood!

On June 1st, we had a group of eight 5th Grade students brought to us by the CASS coordinators at Frederick County Public Schools. We enjoyed introducing these students to our animals and hosting them for a group therapy session in our dawn redwoods.

On June 2nd into the 3rd, we hosted The Umbrella Project on their backpacking adventure geared toward grieving young adults. Here’s what The Umbrella Project had to say about their event:

Early June is usually a great time for a backpacking trip in the mid-Atlantic, and this June proved no different. Four days of great weather graced our first trip of 2023, which began at ThorpeWood, a mountain retreat near Thurmont, MD and ended on the Appalachian Trail at Gathland State Park. At ThorpeWood, our participants learned to set up their tents, use their stoves and adjust their backpacks, and participated in wonderful bonding activities that included sharing about their loss and grief.

Despite being novice backpackers, everyone completed the nearly 22-mile, three-day backpacking trip with flying colors. Here’s what one of our hikers had to say upon completing the trip:

“This experience was really fulfilling and showed me how much I can do, and that even with help, I’m capable of so much…I feel so lucky to be able to participate in [this program].”

The Umbrella Project Newsletter, June 2023

From June 2-4, we hosted Nermeen Chaudhry in our Artist in Residence program! She stayed in our Little Pond Cottage and worked on a very special bit of art to offer us in exchange for her stay: a map of ThorpeWood! This is still in progress, but we will certainly share it when it’s ready to share!

On Saturday, June 3rd, about forty community members enjoyed the music of local artist Lauren Hill at ThorpeWood’s Lodge. All tickets sales went straight to ThorpeWood’s property assistant, William McLean, to support his upcoming trip to Australia where he will be competing in the World Scooter Championships! Will and his whole family (mom, dad, brother, and sister) have all worked at ThorpeWood and/or Mountain Memories. Thank you to Lauren Hill for her remarkable performance and generosity.

On June 2, 5, and 7, Star Community brought folks in their meaningful day program out to the farm for volunteer opportunities in order to develop job skills. We are happy to support this program and the fine folks they serve.

On June 6, I was delighted to attend the second Forum on Youth Services in Frederick County at Hood College. During this event, nonprofit community leaders discussed the continuum of care for youth in our county. It is an honor to be a part of these ongoing discussions.