July ’23 Week 3: Boys and Girls Club, Head Start, and Advanced Behavioral Health

On Monday the 17th, we once again invited volunteers from FCPS. We have one especially dedicated volunteer who has been coming all summer – we are grateful for their enthusiastic care of the farm.

On Tuesday the 18th, the middle school aged Boys and Girls Club members came back for a second round of visits. We took our programs to the next level with some horse grooming and a rousing game of ‘camouflage’ during our hike. This game was very well received and such fun for all!

On Wednesday the 19, Advanced Behavioral Health brought out two cohorts of their mentorship program. We were delighted to form this partnership with the help of Miss Kasey, who had previously worked for Camp Journey and loved visiting the farm so much she made it happen for her new workplace too! The youth were energized by the farm environment and delighted in their time with the animals.

And finally, on Thursday the 20th, we welcomed back some of our Head Start friends from the Lucas Village Class. Although we no longer offer field trips to Head Start classes in the fall or spring, we are pleased to reunite with the kids in the summer when they are a bit older and more ready for the kind of adventures the farm brings. We will see two more classes next week!