Homeschoolers at the Farm

This past Friday, we hosted a small homeschool group for a day at the farm. The kids were outdoor kids – used to going barefoot and enjoying their own smattering of farm animals at home.

Q: So what did we have to offer them?

A: New animals, a mud kitchen, tractors, and beautiful hiking trails!

First up, the kids enjoyed meeting our baby goats, brushing our horses, and meeting our various other furry/feathered friends. From there, we headed over to our skid steer, mowers, tractor, and rtvs. They had a blast climbing aboard all these fine machines! Afterward, we found our way to the mud kitchen. Equipped with all kinds of cookware (and MUD, of course), the mud kitchen encouraged us all to enjoy the dirtier aspects of the farm. After washing up, we explored our trails. Some highlights of the hike included climbing the pine cathedral benches, finding our beehives, and navigating around the pond. 

Thanks to the families for a fun morning on the farm!