Heather Ridge School Volunteers

All fall long, we were blessed with the helping hands of Heather Ridge School volunteers. Led by teacher Barbara Nibert, a handful of students came out every other week to help with whatever projects we had going on. When the students arrived each day, we would start with a little introduction to our farm and have them meet our animals. It was such fun to have everyone relax into our beautiful farm before we got down to work!

Some days, we had students maintain trails by cutting overhanging branches with loppers or spreading woodchips on our more manicured trails. Other times, the students helped us unload hay for the animals…and design our hay playground for Head Start preschoolers! Here is a photo of our preschoolers enjoying the labor of these Heather Ridge kids!

Whatever work we set these volunteers to, they were polite and dedicated. They worked hard and appreciated the beauty of the farm around them. We are ever so grateful for their many hours of hard labor. They are a credit to their families, school, and community!