Heartly House Staff Retreat – 2022

Earlier this week, we hosted the Heartly House staff for a retreat on our property. The Heartly House folks began their day at the lodge with breakfast, coffee, and a warm welcome from their president and executive director Inga James. From there, the staff was freed up to choose their own adventure. They divided themselves between the following activities: Animal Time at the farm! Hip Hop Dance Class! Free Time! 

What fun! We were happy to have 8 folks join us for animal time. After a stroll across the property to the barn, we broke out the finger paints and got to work creating two group art projects on our canvases (the horses!). While one group created intricate mandalas across Geysir the Horse, the other group created a landscape filled with flowers, sunshine, and a pond (with a sailboat, of course) on Vinur the Horse. We are always delighted to watch the art in progress, seeing it morph and evolve as the group pours their hearts, talents, and giggles into it. Afterward, we made time to visit with all of our other animals – goats, cows, and chickens!

After the morning fun, the staff members returned to the lodge for lunch and a strengths assessment workshop. We hope the rest of their day was as smile-filled and heart-warming as the parts we were privileged to join. Many thanks to the lovely staff of Heartly House for brightening our farm and doing such needed work in the community.