Head Start Winter Visit #2

With our star chickens having just finished out the last of their classroom visits, Flint and Arrow the goats took charge of the second round of farm visits to the Head Start classrooms! We start each session with a reading of ‘Flint’s Great Adventure’ (read it here). In this story, Flint gets ready for a secret outing and the last page asks the kids to guess where he is going. Of course, the answer is to visit their classroom! At this point, we take the goats out of the trailer for the kids to love and brush. 

We then play a game of follow the leader, in which all the kids take turns leading the goats around the obstacle course while everyone else follows behind, making sure to hop through the hula hoops, weave through the cones, and stomp over the little wooden bridge. 

The whole session is a fun little reminder of what awaits the kids when they return to the farm this coming spring. We can’t wait to have them back!